Turning from 10 to 1600 of diameter, milling up to 3000 mm, small carpentry works, maintenance on hydroelectric power plants.

We work on Iron, Aluminum, Cast Iron, Stainless Steels and Bronze, upon completion of our services we select precious subcontractors who complete all types of manufactures of surface coatings and heat treatments.

The strength of the quality product supplied by Officine Meccanica Cara SRL is to be sought in the quality and frequency of the checks carried out throughout the production process of the particular itself. The product quality control work during the process is supported by a highly skilled specialist staff.

The company is characterized by a progressive replacement of plant and machinery, an improvement of the production systems, which allow an opening to new markets and to specific types of processing.

This trend in the recent years has allowed our company to be able to greatly expand its working horizons, guaranteeing our customers a wide range of products of ever-increasing quality and precision.

We are always available for the client in order to solve any kind of requirement with punctuality and reliability.